Making Tasmota lights turn on urgently

I’m a huge user of Home Assistant and Tasmota open source firmware for ESP8266 based devices. It has allowed me to set up quite a nice smart home setup including light bulbs without using external services.

If you’re like me though, and sometimes just urgently need a light to turn on and for some reason the controller isn’t responding, or something has broken in your fiddling, then this rule is quite handy.

Using the powerful Tasmota Rules framework I’ve set up a rule to make certain lights turn on if I flick the original power switch off then on.

Simply go to your Tasmota console for the light you’d like to add this rule and put:

Rule1 ON Power1#Boot DO backlog delay 1; power on; ct 430; dimmer 100; ENDON

This will on boot up turn on the light to full brightness with a pretty warm colour temperature. Of course this is for my lights that have colour temperature, so you may need to adjust for your lights as needed.

I can think of times where maybe there’s a fire upstairs where the HA Raspberry Pi is set up and the controller is offline. You need light and right away. Or maybe your room controller for some reason has gone offline, or your wifi access point as died.

I’ll update this if I find a better method, as I’m worried it needs some more conditions (ie I don’t want it turning on with a system restart etc) but it’s good for now!

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